What we do.

Defining the mix of activities to accomplish your specific business objective will be done collaboratively, using the services below as starting points.


A differentiated, human-focused brand strategy is the heart of every great experience, defined by the overlap between the real needs of real people and the unique ways brands can profitably and uniquely solve problems.


  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Naming
  • Brand Narrative Development
  • Voice & Tone Guidance

Research & Insights

Great strategy comes from great data synthesized into actionable, human-centered insights. These insights are then used to develop the empathy and understanding necessary to craft breakthrough experiences.


  • Stakeholder & Company Interviews
  • Research & Activation
  • Competitive Assessments & Activation
  • Persona Development
  • Journey & Experience Mapping

Experience Strategy

Unique, differentiated and actionable strategies power breakthrough future-state experiences. Our strategies don’t just synthesize data, instead empowering the development of new ideas, new experiences and momentum-creating plans.


  • Experience Strategy
  • Future-State Visioning
  • Big Idea Generation
  • Channel Planning (Omni, Digital, etc.)
  • Social Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Activation Roadmapping

Employee Experience

Insights and strategies that focus on internal employees and associates use consumer-grade techniques augmented for inward-facing, B2E objectives. The unique needs of internal teams require unique strategies and artifacts.


  • Employee Experience Research & Strategy
  • Employee Experience Visioning
  • Employee Satisfaction Analysis

Voice of Customer

Programs designed to ingest, aggregate and activate voice of customer (VOC) data require the alignment of people, process and technology to seamlessly convert human need into tangible action.


  • Voice of Customer Data Analysis
  • Voice of Customer Process Mapping

Innovation & Trends

Trends are only as valuable as the actions they inspire. Services listed here are meant as inspiration for actionable planning, converting industry and consumer trends into opportunities that fuel new experiences and new ideas.


  • Industry Trends & Activation
  • Consumer Trends & Activation
  • Competitive Trends & Activation
  • Innovation Briefs & Work Sessions


Meaningful, outcome-driven work sessions with internal and external parties harness the power of collaboration using online and offline tools, resulting in meetings that spark action, not just conversation.


  • Digital Collaboration Design
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Design Thinking Consultation


Cross-industry experience can be deployed in a nimble, ad hoc fashion to infuse guidance, strategic thinking and consumer empathy anywhere along the experience empowerment process.


  • Retainer-Based Expertise
  • Ad Hoc Consultation
  • Integration with Existing Teams & Workflows

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